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Remove Bad Reviews

How To Remove Bad Reviews Online?

Has your business ever received a bad review from Yelp, Google, Glassdoor, etc?

If your own case is an ex-employee or customer that is hell-bent on  ruining your business’s reputation on any of these review sites, we have viable solutions to get rid of them. Brandco offers you a guaranteed review removal process. With us, you only pay for what is removed.

Your reputation is everything. People search online all the time and business sites like Glassdoor, Yelp, Superpages, etc are always on the first page. If you have a bad review, people will think twice before opting for your brand. First impression, they say, lasts longer. In the light of this, at BrandCo, we set out to make the first impression a  positive one.  Interestingly, this is our sphere of interest.  However, this is how to remove bad reviews online.

When your prospective clients search for you online and they see bad reviews, they will be forced to go elsewhere. So, if something negative is being talked  or peddled around about you, don’t worry at all. BrandCo is is at your disposal to help you out.

BrandCo shows you how to remove bad reviews online.

BrandCo shows you how to remove bad reviews online.

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•    Understand why your online reputation is important
•    How to remove bad reviews
•    How to get better reviews
•    Get more customers


The best thing to do when you get a bad review is to pull yourself together and keep calm at first. The worst thing you can ever do in such a tense situation is reply with rage. The repercussions can be severe if you get a troll. He or she can do everything to pull you down and consequently, deterring you from running your business on a fast lane. Be calm and let us handle this all. 

We will do crisis management at the same time. Once we identify your problem, we ensure it is addressed immediately without ruining your reputation. We deal directly with the websites to remove bad reviews ASAP.

Removing Negative Reviews

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Google reviews are removable when they violate their terms of services or privacy rules..Google, Yelp,, and Facebook  reward frequent and honest reviews. So, they might listen and hear our case if it is strong enough and backed up with substantial evidence that the review is a fabricated one. We might be fortunate with Facebook reviews as it is a more user-generating system. Interestingly, we have seen the removal happen within a matter of days.

These are some steps to take how to remove bad reviews online.

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1.      Cool down a bit. Never call or email a customer when you are pissed. Best way to deal with this type of problem is with a cold head.

2.      Deal with the customer directly. Do not rebuttal or explain yourself online as it only brings more attention and validates the incident. Go through your records to look up his phone number or email.

3.      Kill the customer with kindness. You get better a response by being nice. Avoid any type of confrontation.

4.      Try to rectify the matter with an honest approach. You can probably even give him something like a free visit or free meal to make right on it. It helps.

5.      Make sure you document everything making sure you rectified the matter. Get a signed document or anything stating it was fixed.

6.      Politely ask them to remove the review.

7.      Let them know that this will go a long way and not only help you but everyone that works with you.

Learn How to Remove Bad Reviews Online

Let’s make them good and working in your favor


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