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Updated: Sep 15

Reputation Defender is the leading competitor in this space but that doesn't make them the best. Brandco delivers a very personalized approach to all of its clients.

That means that we understand exactly where your campaign is every step of the way. From the get-go, you'll have clear exceptions of what you'll get. You know that you'll have good results in just days. From there we make it our duty to deliver the best reporting in the business.

Brandco Online reputation management company
Brandco Online reputation management company

When a customer of ours has a negative item on google we understand that they expect fast results. However, we also have to tell the truth about what to expect. Sometimes results might take a bit longer when they have many links.

Every job is different and set packages don't work. That means that not every approach is the same. What works for customer A might be different for customer B. Reputation Defender has different tiers but the same strategy. That is a major difference between the two companies.

Reputation Defender is a heavy spender on infrastructure and advertising. That means that a lot of the money you spend then goes into a huge overhead and lots of advertising money. We invest heavily in the campaign.

You can see the work done every month when you get reports. We strive to deliver quality work for every customer. We prefer to spend on the customer than on advertising.

Our overall goes is to make sure your online reputation is clean as quickly as possible. We also make sure the results last for a long time.

Brandco Excellent customer service for remove negative content in search results
Brandco Excellent customer service for remove negative content in search results

BrandCo’s approach compared to Reputation Defender - Search engine optimization

Companies like Reputation Defender like to suppress everything even when a link can be removed. We are different we will always try to remove items first. If that doesn’t work we will suppress it.

That means you’ll get the best results possible as quickly as possible. We exhaust all avenues before we suppress. Plus, customers always prefer removal to suppression.

We’ve developed a strategy that works. This means that through trial and error we know what techniques work and what doesn’t.

We’ve seen certain customers get items suppressed within just 30 days and we don’t stop there. Once suppressed we keep pushing back. We strive for long-lasting results.

Please contact us for a free consultation regarding your problem. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed with what we can deliver. If you need help please contact us by click here.

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