How Online Reputation Repair Works

Updated: Sep 15

How online reputation works - Brandco reputation management services
How online reputation works - Brandco reputation management services

There are many different ideas on how online reputation works, however almost all are wrong. The sources are weak and really don’t have any foundation when it comes down to online reputation management. People also usually believe them then it’s too late.

Trust us, we know because we get customers who used them then they come to us to rectify the situation.

Many stories are bogus and many reputation companies promise things that cannot be done just because they are not possible. They promise and deliver results that change things very little or sometimes nothing at all. Why? Because they depend on google or other sites they do not control. In layman terms, you cannot remove what is not yours.

You can ask or use legal means but it’s not always a guarantee they will come down.

BrandCO uses all possible options and strategies to insure the best possible results in the best time possible.

Many use lies or not so full truth to blurr what reputation management really is. Meaning they explain things in a very technical form to confuse customers. Here are some examples of what they use.

There are very few companies that truly understand reputation management. BrandCo, tells it like it is from the start. Speak with a consultant for the best options laid out before you pay.

They start talking about results in days and that is just not the case. You can set up an account but it takes time for things to happen. Even internal stuff like test, set up, analysis, and the creation of strategy. They are literally telling you what you want to hear. Be careful with these types of calls.

Things don’t happen overnight. And NO one can predict what will happen when it comes to the internet. If some tries to sell this type of an idea, say NO. You will save yourself a nightmare.

Online Reputation Management is a long term process that will take patience beyond anything else. Like, we stated before, it takes time to set up the account but it takes much longer to monitor and have things show up or to have things removed from a website.

When taking action, please be patient and go through everything with the reputation management consultant. Ask for approach, time frame, guarantees, what happens if it doesn’t work, etc.

By now you should have a good idea on how online reputation repair works, You should also know what to look for in a company and what to stay away from.

The best way is to know your problem thoroughly and for the company to also understand why it’s important to you. They should also know what type of results you're looking for and they should also tell you what realistic results can be provided and should expect.

Some very important things to understand and we will explain when we get on the phone.

  • How does your initial call happen? What will take place on that call?

  • When should you receive reports and initial analysis.

  • Company should disclose strategy and the importance of why they are going that route

  • Never to tell you that it’s a permanent solution.

Communication should be thorough from the get go. Remember that not all problems are the same nor is the solution. You can never expect the same results as the previous customer because the internet is so diverse and everyone has different online results. The company should lay out the time frame on what they will do. They can give you an idea of the results you should expect but never a guarantee. However, what is under their control is analysis, content, letters, websites and optimization of links.

Remove bad reviews from online and google search engine optimization
Remove bad reviews from online and google search engine optimization

Speak to a representative so he can explain what options are available.

Getting negative online content removed from google? We can help. We’re experts in online reputation management.

Does online reputation management work?
Does online reputation management work?

Online reputation repair really works if you choose the right company and if you are patient when it comes to expecting results. We do it all them time.

We’ve seen situations where it might seem impossible but after sometime you see things gradually getting better and better. Then a day comes when it’s gone or no one sees it because it’s hidden or removed. Even a major news agencies can be removed or buried. However, no one can give you a guarantee on what you should expect.

Removal of negative content is by far the best recommendation for anyone out there. When that is not possible we opt for suppression by building an online presence that truly reflects the person or business and the negative link there. This involves time in creating good quality links that perform well on search results. This also looks more natural and organic in the eyes of google.

It’s not just about removing negative items but also allowing you to take advantage of the publicity that it comes with it. Like resumes, lots of noise on the web and social media, more opportunities and just more control of what people see when searching for you. Remember everyone searches everyone on google.

By taking control of your own brand narrative in a consistent way that follows best (SEO & branding) practices, you are setting up a long-term solution. Yes, flooding websites and profiles that you control with positive information about yourself will help users see a complete picture of who you are. But that’s just one aspect of repairing your reputation.

And before fully getting to the “how” of improving your online appearance, you need to first get a better understanding of what “success” means.

Online Reputation Repair Companies
Online Reputation Repair Companies

Like we mentioned before, no one project or problem is the same. You can create a site within minutes but it takes time for it to show up on google. However, you don’t want to create just any site nor a site in minutes. You first have to create really good content that makes sense and that people would like. From there, you create good quality sites, not sites that look like a 5 year old did. So, it a process. However done right, it will rank and look good.

Let me give you an example of a client that has 1 negative link on page 1 but it’s a huge publication, top 10 in the US.

1 negative link on page 1 but it ranks high on Google.

This is a big problem because it’s a high authoritative site that gets traffic. Maybe his name is not searched that much as would be a brand but it still ranks up high. You’re looking at a 6 month time frame for you to see significant results. First month you should expect links on pages 3 or 4 then in following months they will crawl up slowly but surely.

We would also attempt removal of it but it would be hard. It use to be all based on rank and how it was optimized but now it also has to have traffic. We would accomplish 1st page clean by month 8.

We use publish domains that have lots of traffic and stay up there with very little maintenance of cost. We make sure you don’t to do anything in future.

Our experts at Brandco will first really try to understand what is important to you and tell you realistic expectations and time frames. Then from there we roll up our sleeves like this:

Do a very in depth of analysis of the link. How authoritative it is, how its written, size of search results and how links point to it.

Content creation based on your request. We get to know the real you giving you more control of the articles that will be published. We use educated writers that will write exactly what you want. If you don’t like it, it goes back to the drawing board.

Try to remove whatever we can. If its a link that can be removed we will exhaust all possible means to do it. Removal is always the best strategy. Sometimes if you’re too aggressive it can back fire but we are smart to not allow that to happen.