How to Bury Negative Search Results?

Updated: Sep 15

Have you found falsified and negative search results about your business on Google? Well then, you are not alone! A barrage of people is facing the same issue of the downfall of their image because of negative search results.

Remove negative google search results
Remove negative google search results - Removal request

In the world where over 80% of people contemplate the online results. as more worthy, there having negative results can ruin your entire business at a moment’s notice.

Isn’t there any solution? Well, this question itself is wrong! Everything is possible and you can remove negative articles by resorting to fair & reliable online reputation management services.

Here we have compiled up all imperative aspects that help you repair your online reputation. Go through it!

What Impact can Negative Search Results Leave? Remove negative review in search engines

Just imagine, you are running your business flourishingly and then years after you discover a negative video or blog post. What will it do? Well, that negative content can demolish your business’s image in one go.

Your all endeavors of shining your business will go in vain by having any negative content regarding your business.

In that case, it becomes imperative to suppressing news articles online. So that your strategies, efforts, time, hard work, and money don’t get disturbed in any way. It drastically reduces the growing brand image right away.

Brandco Push down negative search results
Brandco Push down negative search results - Content removed

News Media Stays Reluctant to Remove Online Articles

It becomes hard to remove negative articles from the news media. You can contact the news website administrator who published the negative article. But even at your request, rare are the chances that they remove that from the media.

Getting offensive stories removed from their publications is not so easy even if you get in contact with the admin. The reasons are with your negative content published they are getting huge responses from the public, which is important for their online reputation. So, it’s hard to get it removed just by making requests.

Result Oriented Ways to Push Down Negative Articles on Google

It’s important to remove negative articles if you want to survive in the online world. If it exists then chances of getting new customers. will come to nadir and even you will start losing the trust of existing customers too. Here are some certificated ways to perform the same, have a look!

  • Google Support- Press releases

If someone has forged your name and falsely tried making your business image down then Google support can prove fruitful. However, it might take time as thousands of such cases emerge every day. However, a professional service provider can get it done in the least possible time.

  • Contact the Admin

As has already mentioned, you can contact the website admin and make him agree to your point. Well, it’s not guaranteed that you will get a positive response from them. In that case, too, an expert can help you handle the complaint and check the fraud.

Remove negative content - Brandco Internet Reputation and personal brand
Remove negative content - Brandco Internet Reputation and personal brand

  • Legal Action

In most cases, the website doesn’t push down negative articles. It requires legal action to be taken after checking the customer protection policy. For this, it’s good to take the services of a professional who can act on your behalf and make it happen.

Suppressing is usually the last remedy to resort to. By publishing a positive new article, you can suppress the negative content easily. It helps to raise the popularity and gaining the reputation of your business. It can be done by creating a new media presence, creating new positive articles, stay updated by using SEO tools, etc.

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Count on BrandCo!

Well, it’s not as easy as pie to delete or bring down negative content from the web. You surely need to count on a professional. to get it done in a legal and technical way so that you don’t get troubled in the future.

For this BrandCo is certainly the best option to remove the negative article. And suppressing news articles online We have all the reliable and well-proven ways to get it done remove negative search results and create positive content(positive content) by putting off the negative content down.

We have all the reliable and well-proven ways to get it done remove negative search results and restore your online image. Get in our touch to repair your online reputation!

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