How To Fix Bad Google Review With Online Reputation Management

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

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Everything happens online these days. From suggestions to selections and more, people often make use of search engines like Google to aid them in selecting what is best for them. Though effective and helpful, this practice can leave a bad taste in the mouth of business owners if spammers and haters leave hurtful, fake, and unkind reviews about their place on Google. The long-term effect of the same happens to be that it affects the way people view and see their business online. In short, one bad remark can adversely affect the future growth of any business. Hence, it is essential for all to know certain things about Online Reputation Management like how to spot a fake review, report it and/or remove the bad review so that things can be brought on track the right way.

In order to get over the negativity on the internet, you just have to follow the right steps to fix a bad Google review. So in this post, we’ll outline some points that will help you remove bad remarks from Google.

It is important to always evaluate the bad reviews on your website to recognize if these really are real or just bad publicity from competitors

1) Assessing the review first

At times it becomes difficult for you to identify a fake review, what you can do is look for reviewers’ credentials, the content of their review – whether it is relevant to what product/ service you provide or not and also the time frame of the same.

Many a time in businesses, it so happens that competitors retort to cheap practices to malign the name of their counterparts, getting yourself out of this situation requires skills like patience and a calm mind.

2) Steps to remove a fake review


The next step to follow when you find a fake 1 or 2-star review is to flag the same as inappropriate. In this way, Google would come to know about the authenticity of the review and will take it down in some time. It won’t be prompt.

However, if you’re looking for immediate action given the nature or the number of such fake reviews then you can access the support section at your website and get it done.

1> Go to Google My Business Dashboard

2> Next go to the review section from where you then click on for home menu and select support

3> What you can do here is to choose a method of contact (phone/email) and then send a screen-shot of the review to be removed.

4> After filling the necessary parameters wait for 48 hours

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3) Steps to follow when the review is bad but not fake

It provides quick solutions to the problems that your clients present to create trust and receive good reviews.

Well, everyone has been there at least once in their lifetime facing honest criticism for their work. What one can do to ensure that the matter ends on a good note is to acknowledge the customer’s grievance, promise them for better service if they wish to come back and a prompt action about looking deep into the matter.

This in a way looks really delightful on Google reviews where the users can see that the business is interested to know what their customers think about them and is at a constant pace to become their best version. Doing it this way might also entice the reviewer to remove his negative review about you.

However, if you are unable to think with a clear mind and give a decent response, it is better to not respond at all. What you say online matters a lot, hence proceed with caution.

No doubt, bad reviews can take a toll on your reputation online but you need to think about it calmly. Anything done callously will cause more harm to your image than good to it.

It is necessary the help of specialists when things go out of control, we have the solution for your case in Brand.Co

So when things are out of control, it is recommended to take help of a trusted reputation management agency who knows all the tricks and tactics to streamline such issues. Your reputation online matters, just don’t take it lightly.

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