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Updated: Sep 15

How to Push search Results down? Get the Actionable Ways to Suppress It!

How to push search results down? So you discovered the negative content of your brand on Google. Feeling disappointed that despite your consistent efforts, you got negative articles? Then surely a barrage of questions might start wandering in your mind to suppress negative search results.

Is it viable to transcend such results? Can an individual remove news articles from Google? If you were spying for its answers then you are surely at the right place.

Here we will suggest you the firmest ways to suppress negative search results and regain your reputation in the online world. Let us start!

Remove negative google search results with Brandco Content removed
Remove negative google search results with Brandco Content removed

Proven Ways to Bury Down Negative Search Results or How to push search results?

Here are some ways of suppressing news articles from Google!

  • Contact the WebMaster

The request is the first weapon you can use to remove it. Contact the webmaster to remove the negative content about your brand published there. You can manifest how that one article is harming your image over the internet.

For this, go to the ‘Contact us’ section of the website and do a try to convince them. However, it’s rarest of the rare chance that any website owner gets convinced to remove negative content from their site.

Tensed? Don’t be! Just go ahead with other options!

  • Legal Removal Request to Google

If negative content is ruining your image over the web then you can legally make a request to Google for its removal. If it fits the Google Standards then Google will take down that negative content.

Moreover, if it doesn’t happen then you can use other tactics to get it removed.

  • Use SEO Tactics

SEO tactics can help you bring down and suppress negative search results. It helps in removing it from the top page of Google and replaces it with credible content to enhance your brand’s image online.

Improve your online reputation - Positive content
Improve your online reputation - Positive content
  • Run Social Media Campaign

Social media is again powerful equipment to bring back your lost reputation. It builds up a reputation in a systematic manner. These social media campaigns can change your customers’ mind and healthy engagement with customers automatically boosts up the brand’s image.

Why Do You Need An ORM Company to Suppress Negative Search Results?

Though there are many proven ways to remove news articles from Google, it’s not a child’s play. No doubt you can perform it all, yet you need an expert to get it done with assured results within a limited time frame. BrandCo Expert has proficiency in these services and has successfully saved many brands from getting drowned.

These companies use varied types of online reputation management services to,

Remove unwanted content from the web, or

Suppress negative search results on search engines

So, if it is not in your hands, then surely ORM company can help you remove bad and negative reviews. They get it removed from web searches and give you a clean chit to carry on the online services.

Push down negative search results
Push down negative search results

In What Time Does Negative Results get Suppressed?

Well, it doesn’t contain a specified time frame in which you can get positive results. The reason is search engines stay always in favor of negative content. Even one negative review against your brand will easily top the list and get appeared in top search results. So, it’s quite obvious that you have to be patient for getting it removed or suppressed.

Here are some factors that impact the time of suppressing negative results!

If the negative link has higher domain authority then it might take an abundance of time to bury down negative content. In such circumstances, it’s good to promote positive links.

The competitiveness of keywords is another factor involving time to push down negative data.

Overreacting to negative results can create a blunder. It affects the process of repairing a damaged reputation and don’t let it get down.

On which page does negative content is appearing also impact it. If it's on the first page then surely it would take maximum time, and if on the next pages then time will be less.

Your overall brand presence and existing assets can help increasing trust levels. If it's positive then it will take less time in regaining the reputation and to suppress negative search results.

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Similarly, many aspects impact on the time taken in suppressing negative search results. And, specifically mentioning time is not possible in a sort of removing negative articles.

Negative information vs positive reviews
Negative information vs positive reviews

Why can’t You Delete Negative Search Results?

We hope it’s quite clear why you can’t delete negative search results from Google. Still, for your ease, here we are mentioning the reasons for it!

Negative content is accepted by search engines more quickly than the positive one. It can impact in the worst way and an individual can’t remove or delete or even suppress the negative results.

For this, an expert like BrandCo can help you get it done and make a positive image of you and your brand over the internet. Our systematic attempts help you suppress negative search results and even delete negative search results. No doubt, it may take time but you will attain assured results for sure.

So, What are You Waiting For?

The more delay you will do, the more are the chances of demolishing online reputation. Contact the finest online reputation company, BrandCo that can help you recapture your lost reputation!

Don’t let this disaster become bigger! Reach us on time! Press release Contact us here

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