How To Remove Newspaper Articles And Negative Information From Google Search?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

How to remove Newspaper negative articles?

It ain’t the newspaper era where there will be different news on the front page every day. This means that once an article is published online or newspaper articles are updated online then it becomes really difficult to keep it away from important social networking sites. This means that you are in need of some online reputation management tools in order to tackle the situation at hand. This is because things travel faster on the internet and only the right techniques can help you bring such things under control. Hence, the right tools are needed to be used.

Some ways to remove negative newspaper articles online are:

You can also remove the website from Google search if you can prove that the website is a regular defaulter of the said policies.

1) Understand Google’s Content And User Distribution Policy

This will be helpful in the long run as it will help you assess all the aspects in which a particular article or update mars your online reputation. If the article published is false, fake or particularly defamatory then you can take help from Google itself to tackle with the misleading site.

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Keep proves for the false defamation to you and your website it can help later

2) Keep Proofs

As soon as you find that a particular site or page is publishing negative content about you or your business, you must begin with basic online reputation management i.e. document everything. Take pictures, save the link, and take screenshots of the types of negative comments that the article gets. This all will help you in taking down the article as soon as possible.

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In some way request support to the source to eliminate the bad article is probably a good option.

3) Request The Source To Remove The Article

In certain cases when the information shared is too personal or can have a damaging effect on your current life then one can definitely contact the publishers and explain it to them why the article needs to be taken down. In most cases, they will assist you given the sensitive nature of the news. However, there will be times when the site wouldn’t help you or listen to your requests as it is not beneficial to them. In such cases, one can also opt for legal measures and gain remuneration for the damage caused to their image.

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4) Take Professional Help

One sure shot and easy way of removing negative information of newspaper articles online are by hiring professional online reputation management experts. They know how to handle the same with ease. Such agencies do have various connections which helps them to remove the articles with ease and also make sure that the same does not resurface in the future.

5) Take Public Support

Take public support

Modern problems require modern solutions. If you don’t find yourself in the capacity to hire professionals or get the job done on your own then you can ask the public online to help you with the same. If you can actually prove that the article is fake with legit facts and what not, the social media users will definitely help you be it via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

ORM is a delicate business. One needs to be level-headed when it comes to dealing with negative PR and take corrective measures to salvage their reputation. Your reputation online is the key to a successful business today. So it’s better to practice the right methods which will lead to the effective making of your business.

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