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Updated: Sep 15

Remove negative content from google search results and the web.

Learning how to remove negative news articles from google and the internet are easy following these steps and tips that are bring explained below.

This is what you expect from this article:

  • Have a better understand on what can and can't be done as it relates to removal of content from google. What steps to take when removing content from a particular online news site. How negative newspaper articles impact your online reputation. How to request removal or get an article removal.

Not all items are removable, actually very seldom do items get removed. Probably 1% of content is removed from a web page or maybe even less if you expect complete removal.

A negative news articles drives even the calmest person to insanity. It's expected when you are trying to run a business and you are caught off guard by the impact it has on your life, work and overall reputation. Restaurants, doctors, and even a regular painter has an online reputation to protect. Especially, with people who are trigger happy with reviews. They are in bad mood or didn't like the rate, so they go leave a negative comment. This drives revenue down or ruins opportunities. Here is where Brandco.experts comes into play. We help resolve these types of situations with a fast and effective solution to minimize the impact it can have on your life or business.

Negatives articles hurt reputations but you have options to put them to rest. Brandco remove negative information for search engine results
Negatives articles hurt reputations but you have options to put them to rest. Brandco remove negative information for search engine results

Here is what can be done to remedy this problem once and for all:

Try to get the site owner or news organization to remove the news article. Hire a reputation management company to bury the news article Don't do anything about it.

For number 1, try to contact the news editor or webmaster with a tactful approach explaining why it's important to you to get the link removed from the site and search engine. 99% of the time they will deny the request but this is the most convenient solution. A company like BrandCo that specializes in online reputation management has some pretty cool strategies for this type of work too.

For number 2, Do good research and find a reputable company that can deliver results. Make sure that you cover cost and time frames. Also never forget to ask about guarantees. The strategy should also be stipulated in the contract from the beginning. All objectives have to be transparent especially when dealing with an investment of this size. Plus, it's your reputation. Brandco.expert makes sure to cover all these items before any project is commenced. Brandco.expert knows how to remove news articles.

Our approach is two fold, we suppress the negative articles from the internet while isolating it from future attacks. However, our first goal is information removal. We want the link deleted from the site and to remove information from google. By adding a thick layer of positive links it would drive the negative link back plus also act as a barrier for future attacks. Content removal of Google’s main pages is our goal in suppression. Especially when news sites don't want to remove content from google.

How to suppress the negative news article? Bury Negative news publication

Suppressing a website is to move it back several pages by putting other links in front of it. Normally these links have a higher domain authority. When suppressing people opt for a more positive approach. Here are the steps taken.

1. Create a website with the search as the URL.

  • You can normally buy a domain on Go daddy for about 10 dollars. We also recommend you buy all extensions like .com, .net, .biz or at least the more common ones.

· Create a website with the name and the content to be focused on the name too

· Do SEO on site to rank on google -things like alt tags, keywords, domains with the keyword, etc.

2. Create social media profiles

  • Create a Facebook profile with the specific search term.

  • Create a Twitter profile with the specific search term

  • Maybe a Tumblr account profile with the specific search term

  • WordPress and similar blogs that you can update on a regular basis.

3 Keep content positive. The more you get away from negativity or trying to prove a point the better you'll be. A major part of SEO is getting people to read the article and not just putting bogus content. Remember that content is king.

4. Contact an online reputation company to help you with the strategy in burying the online article. Personal information removed from the internet and create positive content

If all of that fails, you can contact us for help. We will sit down with you and analyze your situation. From come up with a game plan to minimize the damage as quick as possible. From that point on the negative article will stop being your problem only and now will be ours too. We take pride in making sure your dreams come a reality or at least for the internet not to be deterrent stop you from reach goals.

Please check out our website or fill out your information for a free consultation. We will call within a couple of hours to give you some tips on how to do better.

We also remove outdated content from google results pages.. Contact Us here

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