Online Reputation Management: Possible Damages And How To Fix Them

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Possible Damages And How To Fix Them

It is difficult to separate real from fake these days especially when online as virtual reality makes it difficult to keep a track of things. So if you are into online business or make use of social media in order to engage with a particular set of the audience then you might know about online reputation management and why it is essential.

This is because how people perceive you online can make a huge difference to your business. The stakes can be very high as your reputation online has a lot of different pieces and a number of ways can be used to tarnish it. The point here is one should be aware of the type of things that can happen on an online platform and must be able to identify them and fix them up.

How your online reputation may get damaged?

Bad comments and defamation of competitors can completely negatively affect your reputation and the way your clients look at you.

Fake reviews and comments on prominent social networking sites and platforms is one way in which haters or competitors will try to malign your reputation. And, many times they are anonymous making it difficult to track down the person.

Also, trolling has become another popular way of tarnishing people’s reputation along with the increasing hate content over the web. Many times it gets too personal to avoid confrontation, just make sure that you do that in the right way.

How to repair damaged online reputation?

Actually there are different tools to fix your reputation online, Contact Us!

1) Get to the depth of the matter and know what is happening. It is essential to stay informed and know what people are saying about you or your business. This is one of the most basic online reputation management strategies. Stay ahead of them.

2) If you are at fault, own up to it. Confront the matter and make sure that it doesn’t escalate. Do not lose your calm especially over the internet because it just takes a few clicks to get things viral. What you speak and how you do that matters a lot.

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Always maintain a healthy and active communication

3) Try to create a communication and not a one-sided conversation. There are always two sides to every coin which means that if the matter is out in the public it might as well be resolved publically in a systematic way. There is no need for airing dirty laundry in public especially when dealing with business competitors. It may backfire.

4) Make use of technology to get away from difficult situations. If you find that there are fake, misleading, and negative reviews about you on google or other search engines then try to remove negative articles from Google. You can contact them about the same or take the matter in your own hands and save your online reputation. However, for this, you’ll have to keep yourself updated on what all information is being circulated about you and your business to keep a constant check on such instances and getting them removed at the same time.

5) Being proactive about things is another way of fixing your online reputation. When you say sorry make sure you mean it and when you make promises to look into the matter then make sure that you share the results with the people concerned because this will create good vibes and show that you care. This is what the internet is all about.

For individuals and small businesses, it might be possible for a single person to handle these things alone but when it comes to big businesses and people of importance, this is where one requires professional online reputation management services for damage control along with other crucial services. Finding one can be quite the hassle but that’s what will help you in the long-term.

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