Proactive Vs Reactive Online Reputation Management: Things That You Should And Shouldn’t Do

Updated: Sep 15

Being proactive means anticipating something to happen even before it takes place and being ready for the same while being reactive is your immediate and not well-thought response to the situation at hand. And, when it comes to online reputation management, it is better to plan things in advance than looking for solutions when things get out of control. Yes, your reputation online needs prior planning and strategizing in order to make it work positively in your favor.

Brandco proactive reputation management for a good online presence
Brandco proactive reputation management for a good online presence

Why proactive ORM is preferred over reactive? Reactive reputation managment

1) Reactive ORM means that you are waiting for the issue to pop up. Especially in the case where you might have stopped things from getting out of hand but you decided to take things as they come. These cases, at times, cannot be handled by reactive ORM too. So it is better to stay prepared.

2) Proactive ORM - Proactively manage allows you the flexibility to change plans and also foresee things that will happen. This means that you can devise effective online reputation management strategies and be ready when things get bad. At times it may also happen that nothing bad comes out of certain anticipated situations. Well, do not be disheartened because it is a definite win. Proactive ORM keeps you prepared for any negative situation that might come your way be it negative reviews, bad comments or negative promotions.

3) Proactive ORM allows you to experiment. You can select from a variety of options like reverse SEO, removing content from Google search, analysis of audience and their reaction to situations among various other things. Once things go out of hand you know what exactly you need to do as you have devised a plan for same well in advance.

4) Proactive ORM allows you to see results for yourself. If you plan to remove from google search certain online reviews, articles and comments that malign your or your company’s name then you can see how long it takes, what’s the procedure for the same and whether or not that article will feature on the site again? To check if it is truly removed or just shifted downwards in the search results. ORM makes possible remove bad reviews.

What Are The Benefits Of Reactive ORM? - Positive content

1) You cannot be prepared for everything under the sun. You are bound to have some loose ends which might come out at unexpected points. When these things happen you need to think fast and react accordingly. Sometimes the same is the case with reputation management online and this is where one must practice reactive ORM.

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2) Quick and on-time decision making is an important skill when it comes to reactive ORM as it allows you to find the exact solution for the problem at hand. Its important to have a good digital marketing strategy

3) The best of the plans fail at times and this is when you need to take a stand, give not the reaction that people expect but the one that would do benefit to the firm’s image in the long run.

There are various aspects of proactive and reactive ORM that need to be studied before you decide what suits for you. You cannot be rigid when it comes to ORM. Your plans and decisions need to be flexible and you must always take the right decisions at the right time. This technique is what will get you through the problem at hand.

Your reputation online matters, just don’t take it lightly. Whether reactive or proactive make sure you implement the right techniques and use the best strategies to control and promote your positive image online.

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