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Updated: Sep 15

People across the world are getting blasted on the internet with negative news articles. They had no idea that one stupid mistake would make it across the web and in different countries.

Now, when looking for a job, trying to meet someone or even just trying to apply for a bank loan they are getting spotted.

People wonder why they are not getting the calls from the position they are perfect for, why the attractive person they had no much chemistry with is not calling back or answer their calls, or even worse, not able to conduct business because of one or more negative articles ruining opportunities.

Another sad part of the story is that these articles stay up for ever. We sometimes get calls from customers saying that it will fall off by it self. However, the truth is that they are there for good. They actually tend go up in the ranks within time.

They also tend to spread like wild fire on other sites, social media, blogs and press release sites. Another problem is the comments section. People tend to comments making it go in google search results, more text making it easier to find and worse people’s opinion for everyone to see. is a leading provider of article suppression. We have proprietary strategies to make sure news stories are buried to clear up your reputation. When someone googles your name, you’ll be clear. If your first page is clean, you’ll get the job. NO ONE looks beyond that.

Anyone who says that they don’t care about their online reputation is probably lying, lives in a very small island with no internet or has no idea it can be fixed. However, even the smallest and faraway places have internet.

Ways to deal with the article removal:

1. Ask the newspaper to remove it from their listing. Chances of that happening are slim but you can always ask. There could be some consequences with this like republication an update, or a follow up story.

2. The most effective solution is to suppress the negative article.Suppression is a method where other links are placed in front of the negative article pushing it back.

Many consider this to be an easy task however it takes time and know how. We build out an online presence that reflects the real you replacing the negative links.

There are several reason why we are the best:

1. We do all the work for you. Sit back and watch the negative links go down. Many customers see results within days from signing up. This means that in most cases we have items suppressed link from page 1 within weeks.

2. Results last for years to come. A quick fix is never the solution.

3. It takes a lot of man hours that include quality writing, great web design and the best SEO to get the links to rank above the negative links.

Please contact for free consultation. Your reputation doesn’t have to hurt you again

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If this situation applies to you, report the content using the Google Content Removal Request Form. In certain situations it can happen - for example when you are the victim of a crime and the article is high up in your search results.

Once your name is removed from the article, the content under your name disappears from the search results. If you manage to remove news articles from the Internet, it is crucial to create positive content yourself and suppress negative news articles. New, factual, and authoritative content from yourself tends to rank higher in your search results and move untrue, misleading, and outdated content from the first page to the following pages, where fewer people search.

Brandco Remove news article from google
Brandco Remove news article from google

Create effective ways to improve your search results and control your image on the Internet when negative news about you and your company is published. If you find any content on Google News that you find offensive or incorrect, please contact us.

Search engines crawl and index content to display when users ask for it to be displayed. Over time, Google has begun to favor search results that generate more clicks and rank them higher. Because people are forced to search for unfavorable information, negative news gets more clicks than positive content.

The only way to guarantee absolute removal from the Internet is to delete the article from Google Index so that it does not appear in search results. However, Google will never return to the URL of an article that has been removed from the original search results and will remain in its index in your search results. Nor will Google comply with requests to delete outdated content or personal information.

Remove bad news from google search engine
Remove bad news from google search engine

It is important to contact the original source (for example, news publication or website) to ask that the original article be removed and to contact Google to remove traces of the article or content from Google search results. Google is committed to removing content that violates its Terms of Service. However, Google will not remove any content from its search results if you make a deletion request.

You cannot sue Google to remove unwanted or negative news articles. Google does not create or control online content and you must contact the original source for removal if the content has not been removed from the source of the content itself. Google agrees to remove search results that violate its Terms of Use only if the content has been removed from the source of the content itself or if you visit Google's outdated Content Removal Portal to request the removal of search results.

Even if you don't own the site, it can be difficult for those unfamiliar with SEO or Internet marketing to remove negative content from search results, and it may require professional help. It is not easy, but it is possible to remove an article from an online newspaper or publication. It is not always easy, and in many cases, the removal of negative content from third-party websites can be done without help.

Bad press - Article Publish
Bad press - Article Publish

Some people believe that the remedy for restoring a bad reputation on the Internet is for a negative message to be picked up by the press and published in an online newspaper article, even if it can be found via Google, Bing or other search engines. In fact, the complete removal of harmful news articles should be the first thing you do when trying to get rid of negative online publicity. Google and other search engines recommend that you try to contact administrators of news websites that published negative articles about you or your company and ask them to delete the articles.

By pushing negative internet posts and news articles off the search engine results pages, can hide harmful content released by major news sites, thereby reducing the online visibility of negative news in Google search results. Less than 10% of people go beyond page 2 of the search results to make a Google search query, so if a search engine buries a negative article about its reputation management tactics used by such companies, that is enough to repair the reputation of the Internet, which has been tarnished by old newspaper publications appearing on the Internet.

In 2016, Google received over 500,000 requests to remove articles from Google. Google's transparency report suggests that newspaper websites and news articles accounted for 20 per cent of requests.

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