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Remove Outdated Content From Google Search

BrandCo Remove Outdated Content From Google Search

If you do not want this information to be accessible, try removing the content of a hosted website from Google Search.

Content from a website that you control or manage by an account you control (e.g. Your blogger page) or that you are a verified page owner in the Google search console will remove your content from Google search results.

If you own the site, use this special form to remove the URL every six months. If the page or information coming from someone else, regardless of which website it comes from, is protected by a login, request the removal of the URLs.

Enter the URL of the page to remove and click Request Removal. Once your removal request has been approved, you will see the content in our search results and confirm that the URL in Google Search results is the same as those you submitted for removal, including capitalization. To check if the page has been removed, enter the exact URL in the search bar to see the results.

how to remove negative content from google search
how to remove negative content from google search

If the page does not remove significant changes (such as removing important images or critical information), the request will fail. If the page still exists, but the information you want to remove is present, this tool will do nothing for you.

If the information is non-Google owned, use the removal troubleshooter for third-party sites. In order to request the removal of current information from Google, visit the Google Search Help Center and search for "Remove this information".

If you notice spam or malicious content, you can request deletion from Google Search. If you would like to have content removed by strangers for other reasons, you can find your answer on the official webmaster page.

There are a few situations in which you do not want your content to appear in Google Search and I offer solutions to help you as a web administrator. Here are some answers from the owners of websites whose content has been removed by search engine removal tools that can help you. I also recommend reading how to remove Google content if your request is unsuccessful for some reason.

online reputation monitoring services
online reputation monitoring services

If you want to ensure that your content is removed as quickly as possible, Google offers an additional tool to remove obsolete pages that is part of the search console and can be accessed from the public search console. Removing outdated content is a tool that allows site operators to request the removal of URLs they do not own or designs, so that they can remove their own pages from the search results.

If you wish to remove information from the web that does not come from Google, you must remove or block the page. Enter the URL of the page you want to block and it will be removed from Google Search. You may remove information from Google that has not been removed or blocked from the source page, but may not retain the link to visit this page.

It is important to note that when you remove content from an existing page, Google removes the cached snippets from that page. If the page is still available, these snippets will be removed from the search results by changing them, but they will be updated the next time you visit the page by Google's crawler.

 how to remove negative reviews from google search results
how to remove negative reviews from google search results

If the content on the underlying page is out of date, you should report it to Google. You should also make sure that the content of the new page is related to the old URL. Give the user at least one indication that the content is new and that the revision of the old content is complete.

To remove the content, make sure you set a 301 redirect to send the user to the corresponding page instead of encountering a 404 error page. To remove content from the Google Request page, go to Web Search. Right-click on the extended version of the image and select Image to Address (do not copy link to address) or Copy URL (image URL) in the field to remove the outdated content from the request.

You can see the history of requests to update or remove old Google search results on your site made using the public's "Remove Outdated Content" tool used to update search results to display information that is no longer present on a page for the last 6 months. The "Obsolete Content" section provides information about removal requests made with the tool, Google says.

BrandCo personal reputation management companies
BrandCo personal reputation management companies

Removing obsolete pages involves dragging an entire page if it contains information that is not relevant to the current time or position of the brand in question. It can also be used in cases where content no longer exists.

If you need to remove personal information, content or legal questions, you can apply here. This request form works for pages and images that have been modified or removed from the web. This form works if pages or images have been updated but completely removed from the Internet.

Remember to request the removal of copies of information on your site or your images. SERPs can request content from live pages that you need to remove from their SERPs.

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