Ways To Permanently Remove Posts From thedirty.com

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

If on one fine morning you find a particular site by the name thedirty.com airing your laundry in the air then it mustn’t come as a shocker because this is a site that is present for such purposes. Right from private information, photograph and videos to any other sensitive material related to your business or brand, anything can wind up on this website.

So, if you are wondering about how to remove post from the dirty then it is about time that you hire online reputation management services that will help you get the job done.

Services offered by online reputation management companies in this regard are as follows:

1) Removing negative articles from Google

Remove bad articles from Google.
Remove bad articles from Google.

This is one of the chief services that will be provided to you promptly if you find negative content about you or your business on sites like these. It is essential to cut the weed from the root itself and hence one needs to track down the source of the offensive content and get on with it. Now, what issue one faces while doing this on their own is that Google may take some time in order to get back to you on this and time is of the essence when it comes to such things. And hence, the need for professional service rises as they will get things done a-s-a-p.

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2) Removing bad reviews permanently

In Brand.Co we can help you to erase the bad reviews in permanently way
In Brand.Co we can help you to erase the bad reviews in permanently way

One of the most deciding factors for an online business can be the reviews that they receive for their products and services. People refer these reviews and then make use of the same. If you have got bad reviews or fake reviews that have the potential to change a potential customer’s mind about using your service then you need to take immediate action.

Pushing the review down is of no help because one fine day it can come back on the top which means that you will have to go for permanent deletion of the same. Depending on where the review is posted, the ORM Company will take the necessary actions.

3) Making use of SEO for positive PR

Making use of SEO for the best results.
Making use of SEO for the best results.

In the times of online crisis, SEO can be the definite game changer. Not only can it bring the targeted audience to your website but also redirect them to what you want them to see. If you’ve got the dirty removal in the process and are wondering what will happen when people try to access the same in the meanwhile then SEO is the answer. Your ORM Company will create a set of keywords that will help the server redirect them to appropriate content than the one posted on thedirty.com

Online slandering of reputation is nothing new. Every day some celeb or brand gets targeted by anonymous people online and hence suffer the aftermath of the same. What helps survive and revive the brand name is effective online reputation management and positive PR. All these things cannot be done by a person individually and hence, one must opt for online reputation management service providers.

 Remove bad comments in DIRTY help to have a good reputation online.
Remove bad comments in DIRTY help to have a good reputation online.


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