Push Negative Search Results Down ON google Search

Push Negative Search Results Down On Google ASAP

How Does Link Push Work?

Brandco is an expert in removing content. We offer solutions to removing slander, news articles, and any negative link.  We go to the root of the problem.

However, when this is not possible, we move to Push negative search

results down because not all sites are removable.

Most sites are not removable since they thrive on the traffic

they get from negative posts. They usually generate revenue

from this type of traffic. Below 


Push Negative Search Results Down
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-Set up social media accounts: 

You need to register and set up social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest, and many others to minimize the impact of negative search results. You see, these social media channels have high rank on google  and as a result it pushes the negative link down. Sincere there are so many users in these networks, google gives them priority.

-Create good quality content on a regular basis:

Provide high-quality and engaging content on blogs and sites that are targeting a perfect audience. When you do this, you get repeat visitors and more followers. This gets you better results on google.

Suppress Negative Google Results
Push Negative Search Results Down on google

-Make online comments:


 By commenting and following up on posts you befriend your visitors and show expertise in the field. While posting comments or replying to some comments, make sure to use proper grammar but also do it as frequent as possible so it doesn't seem as a machine is writing the replies and comments.

-Build a Strong Business Online presence:

You do this by building strong online business profiles. Here are some very important sites to create when considering building profiles: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Manta, and Yelp. These sites offer huge exposure plus a very high online traffic generation.

suppress negative listings
Push down google results

-Reward the Positive Results:

When you start getting positive results on your site, we recommend you thank your visitors by giving an ebook or an item of gratitude. This helps with loyalty.


To Push negative search results down is never an easy task especially for businesses, Google prefers to show review and negative sites at the very top of its search results. Sites such as ripoffreport.com, complaintsboard.com, yelp, google sites, and many others have high ranking but not impossible.


Brandco.expert has many years of experience in these matters. When we come across a difficult situation we develop a strong game plan to not only push down the negative search results but also build a good online presence.


Please contact one of our experts for a consultation on how to push items down. We also will cover items such as possible solutions that can possibly be more cost effective for you.