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How to Remove Negative Articles From GOOGLE

Remove New Articles Fast and Guaranteed!

I Have A News Article On GOOGLE

What do I do now?


Everyone likes to read the news as it reports current events.


How about if it’s you that is on the evening news? How would that make you feel?Probably terrible as it might be wrong, but you’re being seen in a bad light.


We have figured out a way to many links and make the ones that can’t be hidden.

It is essential to take the negative article seriously as it surely is and will be causing serious damage to the reputation in the long-term.


Right from mud-slinging to fabricated lies and hate speech, all these things and many more come under the category of negative articles which means that one has a really tough and long battle to fight online if they wish to bring it to an end.


Once again, easier said than done, we would like to focus on removing negative articles from Google and thereby working on online reputation management.

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Certain ways to remove negative articles from GOOGLE are as follows

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Is Removing News Articles Fast?

It might seem easy and fast to remove an article. Why?


We contact the news agency, and they go in to take it down. Wrong!  Most of the time, they say no because their job is to report and not to takedown news stories.

Sometimes, people use companies like ours because we offer a guaranteed removal and suppression service.


How do you remove news articles?

We offer a guaranteed service to remove news articles from the publishing site.


That means that if we are successful in removing the article you don’t pay anything. If that doesn't work we offer an alternative method. SUPPRESSION.

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What Is Article Suppression?

Simply put, we suppress a negative news article link from appearing prominently on a search engine.


Negative News Article Suppress is the process of getting positive content to be in front or to outrank the negative article on google. The goal is to get the negative link from the first few pages of search engines where visitors are less likely to visit.


The End Results Is A Positive Online Presence

No more negative links on page 1. It’s all positive, like nothing ever happened. You control what appears. You can talk about all the great things your company and you stand for, like values, experience, or testimonials.

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