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Remove or Public Records Now is a website that people resort to when scouring for backgrounds and personal information records. This website is affiliated to which is another big privacy site that publishes personal information.

This is a weird one because you cannot remove it from the actual site. You have to go to to opt out. You have to go to the terms of service or the contact form, exploring the opt-out functions, Most times, it is not a one-time process. You might have to do it a couple of times until it is removed. Another problem is that they might have several profiles of yours, having your maiden name or  your middle name.

If you are not willing want to do it yourself, contact us and we will do it for a reasonable fee. We are going to ensure all your profiles, name, email, address  and any connecting profile are expunged. Once it is removed, we would de-list it from google. Once the process is finished, it will be like if it never happened.

reason to remove this?

-Privacy concerns 

- Safety and security for your family

- Confidentiality

-Protection of your wellbeing and repute

Removing a link from is quick and long term. This means that by removing a record from publicrecordsnow it will no longer show up on google nor the site.


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