How to Remove Website from Google Search
Remove website from google

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There are two ways to go about this. The sites that Google owns and manages are regularly updated which means that if the content or site functions get obsolete then Google itself will remove it from the search result. However, what we would like to focus on is, when a certain somebody has posted certain maligning content about your site or service online and you’d like to take that particular content off google.










For any site, the webmaster is the one who can make changes when it comes to changing things over there. Which means that you do need professional help to get things done. This is where steps in thereby helping you with your online reputation management problems.


Now, it is essential to realize that Google is just a search engine which means that it cannot directly take action on what should be on it or shouldn’t, especially certain content that a certain somebody might find offensive. Here, what you need to do is to let Google know about your situation and wait for them to help you out.


The problem with the waiting period can be that you never know whether they’d really be able to help you or rather when. This is where you need to take matters in your own hand and try to get things done. You can either do this by yourself or hire a professional like us to get it done for you.

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How Brandco. expert helps you:

 A negative link on Google or any other social media sites for that matter can have a bad and long-term impact on you        and your brand which means that things need to be done fast and before the situation gets out of hand. Easier said than done, very few companies can deliver what they promise when it comes to these things. And, we never break our promises.



Also, rather than trying to suppress the link, the better way is to remove the link as there are very high chances that after some time the link will reappear on the first page which means that you’d have to go with the entire process once again. You need to get done with it as soon as you can and we can help you in this.

If there is negative content about you on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram then you can contact them and they will actually help you with the same within the specified time limit. However, when it comes to Google, as mentioned earlier




Google has no direct way to make changes to the sites. You will have to ask the site itself to make the change. At times, they even charge you to get the post down, however, this is not a sure shot method because people are out there to con you of your money. Here too, you can trust us with our online reputation strategies and solutions.

One need experts to handle these situations tactfully and get the job done. And, we at help you throughout the process with guaranteed results. You can browse all the available options and choose the one that suits your requirements and also your budget if the damage done is messy.


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