Remove news articles from google quickly. Also how to remove news from google and other search engines.

How to get a news article removed from google. Articles are a result of the difference in viewpoints, and some different viewpoints can cause such issues. However, the audience would not understand the seriousness of the issue, and they would be mean on all the online platforms. Moreover, this negativity would cause major harm to the site and the people involved. So, right from fake news to hate comments and negative articles, search engines like Google are flooded with them. Now, one wouldn’t bother with these things unless they are on the receiving end of the stick and find negative articles about them and their business online.

These days, people have become so dependent on the internet that they conduct Google research if they want any service. So, in such cases, the site owner would get affected because the negative article would pull away all the leads from their sites. So, the owner has to focus on removing the negative content so that they can display their actual self on the internet. However, removing the content that has not been published by you is quite tough. So, the following methods would help you in removing the negative article from Google.

Learn how to remove news articles

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Certain ways to remove articles from GOOGLE are as follows

Use Google Support

The customer policy of Google is very strict and takes customer's requirements into consideration. They have very strong guidelines about how users have to interact with other users and businesses online. So, this would mean that some person has used your name for some false crime, then Google would help you in sorting it out. However, given the number of such things happening on a daily basis, the request might be processed slowly. But we have an expertise in the field which would help in clearing the negative name from Google in a short time.

Negatives news article removal

Legal Action

If the website does not accept their mistake and take the negative article down, then you can take legal actions against them. You need to check their customer protection policy, and based on that, and you can either highlight it to them or give a show-cause notice. You not only have to request about taking the article down but also about compensating for your insult. However, these things need to be handled by legal professionals, and so you can let us handle the situation. We would be able to extract a good remuneration along with removing the article.

remove news articles from google


Contacting The Website

You need to do some research and find the actual source of the publisher of the content. Moreover, if you find the webmaster, then you would have to check out their publishing policy and find out points related to customer protection. You can try to contact the site later and request them to remove the article because of the negative comments that it has created. However, you need to be aware of any fraud that they can cause by using your name. Moreover, you can also let us handle the complaint because we have expertise in this field.

remove news articles thelegal way


Suppressing The Article

Google works on the basis of popularity and SEO. So, if all the above methods fail, then you would be able to solve the problem by publishing a new article on the same topic. You can publish a new article and link it with your social media accounts. These things would help you in suppressing the negative article and increasing the popularity of the new one.

However, the new article needs to be perfect, and we can help you in achieving this goal by providing a genuine and attractive article.

Thus, these methods would help in removing the negative article from Google. However, if you cannot handle all the legality, then you can contact to handle the matter. We would make sure that you do not get negative promotion and would also remove all the traces of the older articles.