Remove Online Court Records

Remove Online Court Records From Google and Internet

Learn how to suppress Remove Online Court Records

There are many records to be removed

We businesses and individuals remove online court records. This includes judgements, bankruptcies, arrests, lawsuits and other harm court records.

There are many online court publishing web sites. They publish millions of court records. The published court records are judgements, bankruptcies, arrests, and lawsuits. They also cover other types of judgements.


These sites not only publish the court records but also update them as it happens. This gives people a detailed look into your case. This is what we call an invasion of privacy. Unfortunately, it is legal for 3rd party court publishing web sites to have this on their site. It's what they call public information or open information.

How Online Court Records Hurt Online Reputations:


  • Employment opportunities: Trying to land the perfect job or a job period? Having a lawsuit will make the employer look elsewhere. They will think twice about hiring a liability. HR managers usually google people before calling them. If you have a lawsuit or a court record on page 1 will reduce the probabilities of them calling you.

  • Dating Scene - Trying to get a date? Expect the other person to google you before they accept to go out on the first date. If they see a court case, they might think twice. Especially, if its related to a crime, arrest, or bankruptcy.

  • Business Opportunities - Who wants to do business with a person that has past litigation?

  • Opening Bank Accounts - Want to buy a house or open a bank account? You will be Googled.

  • Renting An Apartment - They google to see if you any evictions. Apartment complexes do extensive background searches before the accept a tenant.


Two Options For Fixing Online Court Records:

Content Suppression & Content Removal


The best option is removal. We completely remove the record from the source. This means that the file is completely deleted at the URL with a 404 error code. This ensures that there is no trace on any search engine. This is possible on certain sites and when clients provide the proper paperwork. You'll be glad to have it completely gone.

On certain sites removal is not an option. This is where suppression comes into play. Online suppression is where we create positive content and make it rank higher up in search engine results in order to move down or 'suppress' negative search results. The strategy is to push the negative listing back several pages. People never go beyond page 1.